Melitta 101118 coffee maker with thermal jug

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 Pleasure can be so beautiful. Not only for the palate, but also for the eyes. The Look® IV Therm has everything you would expect from a Melitta filter coffee machine.

Transparent water tank with easy to read level markers

No more moving the coffee machine around to see how many cups of coffee you can still make with the remaining water, because the water tank is transparent and super easy to read from the front.

Jug lid with convenient Easy Click feature


Inconvenient tilting and troublesome tightening and loosening of the jug lid are a thing of the past, thanks to Melitta® Easy Click. To open or close the jug lid - e.g. to clean the jug - simply press the fasteners and lift up the lid or place it back on the jug. The Melitta® Easy Click feature makes our coffee jugs even more easy and convenient to use.

Swing filter with removable filter insert and drip stop

Uncomplicated cleaning - the removable filter insert with integrated drip stop simply disappears into the dishwasher after use.

Easy to use


Excess cable can be stored in the integrated cable compartment. The water level indicator on both sides of the tank makes it easy to choose just the right amount. And thanks to the illuminated on/off switch coffee lovers can tell at a glance if the machine is in use.


Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth in mm): 357 x 230 x 220

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